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My image are copyright to myself. Anyone who misuses my images will be subject to fine.

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STOP typing 'Amen' and DONATE instead by NatsumeWolf
STOP typing 'Amen' and DONATE instead
I made this image in response to the " Type amen or die" Or " You're heartless if you don't type amen" images you see spreading on Facebook and other social media.

I created this to call out all the people who do this! Not once have I seen any of these " Type amen" images provide any GoFundme Accounts or real info so we can help these poor people in these horrible images! Most of you only share these images so you yourself can get the likes and or the attention so people think you are this big hearted person. When in reality you are doing nothing but exploiting that person in these images you spread like wild fire! It's one thing to acknowledge someone in need or suffering, but if thats all you intend to do there is something wrong there. If you really want to help, if you really want to make a difference and if you really want to do something, then next time you share those images provide links or real info about these people so we can help them by donating our time, money and food. That is the ONLY way we can help them.... Typing 'amen' alone wont help and it's nothing but a cop out. 
I am NOT saying that typing 'amen' is bad, but you should intend to do more than just that.

Special thanks to my friend for taking a picture of her son so he could be used as a reference for this. 
This is really my first political art. 

Image © :iconnatsumewolf:
Adoptable SkullWolf for sale by NatsumeWolf
Adoptable SkullWolf for sale
Adoptable Skullwolf animalwalker for sale!!!!! $60.00 USD

I have cheaper ones for sale here :…

AnimalWalkers are shapeshifting beings that can take the form of animals. They can only transform into one animal at a time and can only do that by taking their pelt they are soulbinded with. They can only be soulbinded to one animal at a time and are first given their pelts by their parents when they are born. Their animals can range from fantasy animals to real ones. This one is a female Skullwolf. 

Once bought, you will own this design. You are free to change anything you want but you may not resell for points or money. You also must credit me when you post this on other sites or if you or other people do work of this character for you.

There are no refunds.

*** Policy ***
Because this is a adoptable if you copy, trace, re-post ( without buying) you will be subject to a major fine! So please be respectful.

PAYPAL is preferred however, checks and cash in the mail are also acceptable. However if you are paying in paypal you are at no point allowed to refund yourself. If you do, it is a clear violation of our agreement and you will be FINED! Also, if you are paying through the mail in cash or check you are required to get tracking!



NatsumeWolf's Profile Picture
United States
Hello and welcome to my page.

I am a freelance illustrator who graduated with a BFA from Moore college of art and design for women in 2013

I work in both traditional and digital medium and focus mostly on organic things. Currently I am looking for a job in my field where I can utilize my skills and grow as an artist.


****** My Policy****** ( Please read)
Please read and understand my policy with my artwork as well as commissions. If ignored, it could wind up being a law suit.

*Referencing/ tracing/ posting my work*
I do not mind if you want to reference my work or trace it to help you with your work, just be sure to give credit. However, please do NOT reference or trace a picture of my work fully! I would like you to be a little more creative and change it to your own characters as well as your own style and colors. For more information how to reference properly please view this example:…
and :…
The only time you are NOT allowed to use my artwork as a reference is if I have told you, you do not have my permission and if it was a commission or YCH. YOU DO NOT have my permission to reference commissioned work or YCH images.

With that said, please DO NOT REPOST MY ARTWORK!!! If its a commission or trade I did for you, you are more than welcome to repost. But if you just like an image or you try to claim an image of your own I will NOT allow it and it. If I want my artwork posted on another site, I will do it myself!

I own copyright on all my images as well as my characters. Please DO NOT use my characters or images for rp sites or anything of that nature. I will file a law suit. I am no stranger to the court room or copyright infringement so please do not do anything to warrant such legal actions.

* Commissions/ trades / Requests*
. Commissions: I am always open for commissions so please note me to get a proper pricing for what you would like. I can do anything you want just do not be afraid to ask. I can do anything from character design, comic book pages, child books, pet and people portraits. There are, however a few things I will not do. Just ask me and I will let you know what I can do.

.Trades: I am usually really busy, but ask me and I might accept a trade

. Requests: Requests are NEVER open! So please do not ask for me to do free work. It is just utterly disrespectful to ask an artist for free work.

* Payment*
I accept all forms of payment from Paypal to cash in the mail or checks. However, I do have some rules when paying with these features.

.Paypay: is the most accepted form of payment, However you are NOT permitted to refund yourself. All sales are FINAL and if you try and refund yourself after getting the item or digital art, it will be considered stealing and I will file a lawsuit against you. So please reframe from clicking the refund button unless you want to see me in court.

. Cash or check in the mail: You are required to provide tracking! Also be aware that you will not be allowed to get your item until the check is cleared!
Hello everyone ^^
Hope you all had a good holiday and new year. Things on my end have been super crazy , exciting and depressing. I will start with the depressing news. My soon to be husband has to put his dog of five years down. She has been sick since Thanksgiving and was having bowl movements all over the house and not eating and it turned out to be cancer. After a 6 thousand dollar vet bill they told him she is not long for this word but offered to take more of his money to give her treatment. So this Christmas was super depressing considering we were preparing to put poor miss Daisy Dukes down. She is currently still having on, but we think tonight is the night for her.
On a happier note, I fell in love with a puppy at the shelter and adopted him right on the spot. His name is Leroy Jenkins Parto. If you get the joke then yay. Pictures can be found on FB.
And another happier note, our offer on this huge house we like got accepted so we are now home owners once the inspection goes through. To help pay mortgage a friend is living with us. So that's great.

On a side note, I will be having a sale soon to get rid of some taxidermy. Either look for a journal or devations. I am not sure yet. But I will have a few pelts for sale as well as a soft mount.

Other things for sale will be new adoptables!! They are not a closed species, but will be something new I am trying.

Also, I will be updating the comic soon once things settle down and possibly more YCH. So just keep a look out and if I am unresponsive on here or FB you know way.

So with all that said, I hope your new year is going well for you guys and hopefully I can start posting more and giving more updates.
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  • Watching: Intervention
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: salad and kale
  • Drinking: H20

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Congrats! you are the star artist of the week! for your Digital Art skills! You will be featured in my  deviantID until next Saturday!
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Valentine Natsume::.. For being such an awesome friend! Happy early Valentine's Day!!! :hug: 
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I can see all the referenced work from me and others I know. But nothing too over the top that needs action. Thank you though for telling me :)
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NatsumeWolf Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Thank you :D
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Quite welcome :)
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